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Whether you are new to content marketing or you know a fair bit about it, we hope you will enjoy your time here and come back often.

While the concept of content marketing is not new it has taken on a life of its own over the past 2 years, especially.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is driven by the creation of content and sharing it in such a way as to attract, acquire and engage clearly with your target audience. It is a way of communicating with clients without ‘selling’ to them, but ultimately, when you gain the confidence and trust of your clients your sales will increase.

Content Marketing can include online and offline strategies, and many of them could been seen as old fashioned customer service aspects from days gone by.

The internet has made your clients or prospective customers sophisticated enough that they can smell a sales pitch from a mile off. What people want these days, is informative, helpful information that gives them answers to the problems or questions they may have about their social and business lives.

There are so many ways to do this that it can become overwhelming pretty quickly. There are blog posts, articles, infographics, e-newlettters, hard copy newsletters, webinars, podcasts, email auto responder series and don’t even get me started on social media! Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, goggle +, twitter, instagram, the list goes on and on. And they are only the online ones! What about they ways you can give good customers service and keep engaged with your customers offline. From lumpy mail, greeting cards, workshops and talks, tele seminars, coffee clubs and social events, text messages and even writing your own book.

Phew! All this can be exhausting and such a maze to work through that you can be paralysed before you even start because you don’t know which ones to choose, what ones will work and how many to start with.

Content Marketing Queen, teaches you how to produce communication that your customers will crave. We help you work through the maze of options out there for you. No matter what industry you are in, you want prospective buyers of your product or service to think of you and your business when looking for a solution to their problem. Helping them and giving them interesting and informative information over time, will help them do this.


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